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From The White House to the NBA, Alexys Feaster Keeps Pushing the Limits

Forbes Women Senior Contributor and Founder of New Girl on the Block, Pauleanna Reid, interviewed Alexys Feaster on her past experiences as well as the career transition into her current role today as Founder and CEO for The Kinship Advisors.

From working on Obama’s reelection campaign as the National Regional Surrogate Director to working in Player Development and as a strategic advisor for the NBA for six years, Feaster led the strategy and creation behind some of the biggest political and social good digital campaigns. During her time at the NBA specifically, Alexys worked behind the scenes to amplify player’s voices, provide access to resources beyond the sport, and detail a clear path on how they can engage both in their communities and at the national level as leaders in the social justice movement.

In this interview, Reid and Feaster discuss topics such as what it means to pass the mic, leverage relationships for greatest impact, recognize the opportunity to take a leap, and create the soundtrack of your life. Reid only interviews female leaders who are shaping the future, and Alexys is one of them. Her story is a “brand asset” that needed to be shared with the world.

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