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LET'S WORK TOGETHER! The Kinship Advisors creates alliances within the sports, entertainment and other industries; who are committed to personal development, social justice, strategic business expansion and sustaining impact in underserved communities.
Play It Forward
Building Athlete initiatives Rooted in Development and Student Success


The future of Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) and athlete development remains complex, demanding collaboration for a balanced and beneficial network. With the NIL market surging to an estimated $1 billion annually, as reported by NIL company Opendorse, academic institutions, collectives and the NCAA are leaning on collaborators to equip student-athletes with the necessary knowledge, resources and tools to tackle this evolving environment.
With the ever-changing landscape of NIL, collegiate athletes are “feeling more discouraged than ever about their ability to have a fulfilling career if they don’t “make it,” according to the 2024 survey of current/former NCAA athletes.

The Kinship Advisors is introducing an initiative, Play It Forward, focused solely on education,
access and opportunity for reimaging success for the college athlete and the university athletic
experience. This program is positioned for building community, increasing collaboration and
providing key learnings that will improve the lives and experience of collegiate athletes, their
families, their teams and the institutions they serve to create a lasting impact beyond the sport


about the kinship advisors

Founded by 20-year sports, entertainment and personal development powerhouse, Alexys Feaster, The Kinship Advisors has built an elite team of advisors and an ecosystem of household leaders in sports, entertainment, entrepreneurship and business who are focused on reaching back to provide better experiences for the next generation.
Alongside a group of current and former athletes and the most seasoned sports professionals from the NBA, NFL, Overtime, Nike and more, the team has a successful track record of building or contributing to the most progressive and long-standing player development programs in the country including the Rookie Transition Program, Elite 100, Generation Next, Career Crossover as well as Draft Family Seminars and the storied All-Star Family Experience

the kinship experience

While many institutions have one-off events or moments – a motivational speaker, a financial seminar or a lesson on marketing – we’ve developed a holistic approach as a player development partner to connect, elevate and build with our stakeholders. Our strategy allows organizations to have a one-stop shop for creating relevant educational resources, coordinating and managing programs with support, and providing opportunities for growth. This allows for greater impact and a more significant return on investments.

We Connect

We utilize our extensive network in sports, entertainment, business and more to strategically align our clients with likeminded peers, partners and communities in need of our support.

We Elevate

We empower individuals to leverage their influence and enhance their brands to drive change, foster economic development, uplift local and national communities, and more.

We Build

We curate strategic plans and activations for individuals and organizations rooted in highlighting authentic self, thoughtful community engagement, long-term impact and lasting philanthropic ventures.

The Student Athlete is prioritizing responsible brand building, focusing on long-term career goals, and seeking guidance from trusted advisors. We support their empowerment by providing tools and knowledge to enhance their unique capabilities and influence. This will ultimately elevate their legacy and that of the institution for which they play. Through curated strategic plans developed in collaboration with institutions, we lay the foundation for success that extends beyond their athletic performance.
Why you need to “play it forward”
The introduction of NIL brings new exposure and financial opportunities to collegiate athletes, but many lack the necessary education and protection, leaving them vulnerable. A false sense of security, coupled with a lack of focus on preparedness, underscores the need for alternative learning opportunities to ensure access and support that leads to long-term success. The Kinship Advisors is committed to helping institutions and organizations be on the right side of history by prioritizing a whole-person approach to learning and engagement.
We know that having effective player support systems are crucial to address social and economic disparities, protect collegiate athletes from exploitation and ensure player development remains a central focus.
Universities and athletic departments must adapt their player development programs to incorporate this type of NIL education, financial literacy, family resources, time management skills, mindset support and future life planning engagements to ensure the success of their athletes in and out of the game.

Program  approach

The Play It Forward program is designed to complement the collegiate athlete experience and provide tools and resources for finding success. The focus is on building and sustaining a legacy for both the collegiate athlete and the institution. This approach optimizes personal and professional growth, a community mindset and encouragement of familial relationships to ensure every athlete has a strong foundation.
Examples of our program themes include:

Beyond the Playbook: Preparation x Opportunity

Offer tools and resources to support learning about financial literacy and family seminars/support.

What You Know & Who You Know

Engage influential voices in sports through a speaker series while also providing access to internship, mentorship and apprenticeship opportunities.

Mental Soundtrack: Own Your Story

Provide guidance to support the development and maintenance of personal branding through personality assessments, and leadership mindset coaching.

Legacy, Legacy, Legacy

Introduce lessons in community engagement, brand partnerships for social good, philanthropy and foundation planning to establish legacy as leaders and contributors.
defining success
To navigate the evolving landscape of NIL regulations, student athletes and institutions must connect with trusted advisors for guidance. Engaging The Kinship Advisors presents an opportunity to deliver impactful support to athletes in this regard.
We know that despite the growing importance of NIL, there remains a significant lack of reporting and information dissemination in this space. To address this gap, our approach involves administering anonymous focus groups, surveys and soliciting honest feedback from players, their families and various institutions. Our data-driven approach enables us to identify trends, address concerns and facilitate meaningful growth across the entire NIL landscape.
Ultimately, our goal is to empower student athletes to make informed decisions about their personal brands, leverage their voices effectively, and navigate the complexities of NIL regulations with confidence and success.
“Fewer than 2 percent of NCAA student-athletes go on to be professional athletes. In reality, most studentathletes depend on academics to prepare them for life after college.” – NCAA Recruiting Facts


“Alexys is one of the most honest/transparent people in the game. She’ll give her opinion and help you figure out the best options for what you need. She is accountable and reliable and will make sure to get what you need done. She has a work ethic that is contagious and through Kinship, will take your team to the highest level.”

Bam Adebayo

3x NBA All-Star Center-Forward, Miami Heat
“Alexys Feaster’s superpower is her unique ability to support, inspire and coach leaders – across the domains of politics, sports and entertainment. Not only can she connect with people from completely different worlds and perspectives, she can bring out the best in all of them. I rely on her to help me navigate the complex realms of media and social change.”

Van Jones

Commentator, Author Emmy Award-Winning Producer
“Throughout my time in the NFL, I was fortunate to have some amazing coaches. But when it comes to a great coach off the field, Alexys has been invaluable. Experienced, knowledgeable, consistent, these are just a few things that come to mind when I think about Alexys and her professional acumen.”

Usama Young

Super Bowl XLIV Champion Player Engagement, NFL
“Alexys is one of the best. Whatever the topic is, she will leave you even more confident in yourself and ready to conquer the world. Every time we talk I leave the convo ready to do more! It’s complete transparency, so you feel comfortable. You won’t find to many people as genuine, pure, and smart! Her experience and resources put her over the top!”

Sterling Brown

Guard-Forward, NBA & EuroLeague

“Alexys has a great personality and brings that energy into all the work she does. I’ve always appreciated her honesty and help whenever I need anything.”

John Wall

5x NBA All-Star
Guard, Houston Rockets

ready to “play it forward”?

C O N N E C T . E L E V A T E . B U I L D . T R A N S F O R M

Alexys Feaster is a seasoned strategic leader with more than 20 years of experience in elevating the voices of athletes, entertainers, and people and organizations of influence. In 2021, she founded The Kinship Advisors to aid in building an ecosystem of trusted advisors and household names in leadership, entrepreneurship and business to create economic mobility and opportunities for social and personal advancement. Her work involves providing clients with resources beyond their respective platforms, working with notable athletes like, Jaylen Brown, Napheesa Collier, Jrue and Lauren Holiday, Ben Simmons, Dawn Staley and A’ja Wilson, to name a few. Prior to founding Kinship Advisors, Alexys spent six years at the NBA and as player programs lead for Team USA. She has been widely seen as the “NBA’s Other Coach,” with a mission to empower player voices off the court, providing resources, education and a clear path on how they can maximize their engagement on teams, in their communities and in business.

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